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Expert technicians and proven results at competitive rates. 


Commercial Driveline Services has been operating for more than 35 years and continues to apply its extensive experience, offering the premium Allison transmission repair service. We have in-depth product knowledge across the full range of Allison transmission parts available on the market. For a team of experts that can help you get the best out of your vehicle, contact us.

While the cost of a transmission service can be a point of contention, we don’t subscribe to charging you heavy amounts; rather, we offer competitively priced services that anyone can afford. With us, you can rest assured you will receive value for money.

Quality assured

Our state-of-the-art facilities, located in Malaga, WA, offer the most technologically advanced diagnostic programmes, equipment, and tools. Running day-to-day operations and overseeing every process is a team of highly-qualified technicians. Each has been handpicked for their experience, standard of work, and consistent dedication to making sure your vehicles run smoothly. They will take the time to understand your concerns, carry out a thorough diagnosis and restore your vehicle to optimum condition with our driveline services. Our technicians have undergone rigorous training at the Allison Training Centres, securing a wealth of product knowledge and ensuring our status as a certified Allison Dealer.

The real deal

Genuine parts. That’s what you can expect when we overhaul your transmission or undertake any repairs. We recognise the dangers associated with using sub-par parts, so we make sure to only offer you the proven quality of household brands.

Our services

The comprehensive range of service we provide includes:

  • Complete rebuilds

Our technicians will put their wealth of experience and workmanship to task for you. They will disassemble and inspect for the root cause and source of the transmission failure. They will then clean accordingly for reassembly. They will not make any unnecessary corrections but will replace all damaged and worn parts. Our processes are completely transparent and will keep you in the know during the process.

  • Transmission dyno testing

In order to ensure that you receive a premium service we rely on cutting-edge technology. Our specialised equipment allows us to test your transmission for oil pressure, electric solenoid functioning and shifting in a real-life setting.

  • On-site trouble shooting and diagnostics

The Commercial Driveline team is readily available to address any concerns you have for your vehicle and how it is running. We’ll perform the necessary diagnostics, identify any issues of concern and walk you through the best ways to solve the problem at an affordable transmission service cost.

  • Manual to automatic conversions

Converting your car from manual to automatic is an investment, particularly if it’s to ensure the safe and convenient driving by another individual. Make sure you rely on a team of proven technicians to get the job done right and at a fair price.

Contact us today for premium driveline services from a proven team of experts with a passion for vehicle performance.

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